Moving With Pets

Suggestions for Moving With Pets

If you consider moving stressful for you, think about how stressful it must be for your pets, who generally have little to no idea why they are being taken from their surroundings. On top of that moving is an intrusive activity, movers (strangers) come in and out of your home and take your furniture and move it else where. Your pet see their environment that causes comfort being taken away. If you have pets, you need to make the extra effort to make sure the entire moving process goes smoothly for them as well.

Keep The Mess Under Control

The majority of pets do not like change, this goes double for cats. If you have ever moved your furniture around, you have probably watched your pet react with some from of stress. Now, think of how disrupted they must feel when there are a ton of boxes everywhere. While you do want to pack as early as possible, you want to minimize the mess. If you have a spare room, garage or basement, put as many boxes as you can in here so your pets don’t have to be around them.

Pet Sitter's Are a Moving Families Best Friend

Do you have somewhere you can take your pets for the day so they do not have to be there while the movers are in and out of your house? This is especially true for dogs. If you can drop them off at a friend’s or relatives house or even a "doggy daycare" for the day, this is definitely ideal.

Introduce the New Home Slowly.

If you are moving somewhere nearby, it is recommended to take dogs over there ahead of time. Let them sniff around the home and around the yard so when they come back, it will be a familiar place.

If you don’t have a pet sitter, then the day that you move, it is not a bad idea to take your pets over to the new place with toys, water and food. If they have been there before, it won’t be such a strange & stressful place.

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