Hourly Moving Rates in Phoenix


Phoenix Residential and Commercial Moving Service Rates

Hourly rates are quoted by the hour for “one truck and two men” or the appropriate number of trucks and men required. There will be a two hour minimum and a one-time trip charge (the trip charge is to get the crew out to your pick-up location) for moves scheduled on the hourly rate.

Moving Rate Information

  • Rates vary based on the date of the move and size of the home, office or storage being moved. You will be asked a few questions (such as: projected move date, size of home/office/storage, location information, etc.) so our team can quickly provide you an accurate hourly rate.
  • The time for an hourly move begins when the crew begins the job at the pick-up location and the time stops when the crew completes unloading at the drop off location. Time is rounded to the half hour (so if your crew finished at 2:15pm, the time would be rounded to 2:30pm).
  • The only additional fees that may be associated with the hourly rate would be unusually large/heavy items or specialty items such as: Upright Piano, Baby Grand Piano, Etc. We will ask about any items during our initial free moving quote.

No Hidden Fees with Aardvark Movers

Aardvark Movers do not have any hidden fees such as Service Fees, Fuel Charges, or Hidden Taxes. We pride ourselves on also sharing all rate details with you so there are never any hidden fees which are common with other moving companies in Arizona. When comparing our pricing with our competitors make sure to ask them to be specific on all their charges. To learn more about our Phoenix, AZ moving rates, please contact us today.