Aardvark Movers Phoenix Moving Checklist


Arizona moving companies, who can you trust? Aardvark, a Phoenix moving company, has the most experienced movers for all your residential relocation, office relocation or apartment relocation needs.

  • Call your local home telephone service provider to transfer phone service to your new address.
  • Complete a change of address form with the post office.
  • Call to have electricity transferred to new address.
  • Call your cable or satellite provider to have service switched to new address.
  • Call gas and water service if they are not provided at your new property.
  • Leave plenty of time to pack your boxes and inform your moving consultant of your new box total.
  • Call all credit card companies and have your address changed.
  • Call your moving consultant the day before you move to confirm your move and make any last minute adjustments.
  • Call your insurance agent and have your homeowner's or renter's insurance transferred.
  • Have your driver's license and voter's registration changed to your new address.