Minimize the Stress of Moving for Children


When planning to move it can be a big upheaval for the entire family. Parents tend to focus on the practical problems but children will focus on all the losses that the move creates. This can be the loss of their friends or of a safe and familiar environment. The decision to move is made by the adults and the child feels powerless, which can cause distress. However when the move is planned well distress is not necessarily the outcome.

Talk to your children as early as possible so they have an idea as to what is happening and why. Tell the child all about their new home and give them time to digest the news at their own pace. Children have short attention spans so prepare yourself to talk to them briefly about the move before they move on to something else. Just because your child can't decide when and where your move will be does not mean they can't participate in other ways. Include them in decorating their new rooms and let them pick out the colors. Let them help in setting up the backyard or where to store their toys. On moving day, make plans for your child to spend the day with relatives or friends so they do not feel left out when the parents and moving company are so busy. Your move can turn out to be a great experience for the entire family when approached the right way.

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