How to Decide Whether to Move or Not to Move Your Car

During a long-distance move, a person has to decide if they need to take their old car with them. The choices vary, depending on whether they are moving to school, a job, or other situations. They may need to drive, sell, or ship their vehicle. In some circumstances, a car owner is under constraints, such as having to be immediately available for a job, for example. In others, they will find themselves in a situation where their car is required to transport other family members to the new location. Even if a person is moving locally, the new parking situation may prove untenable, or public transportation options too good to pass up. However, if nothing immediately lends itself as a deciding factor, a vehicle owner can be faced with options. Here are some considerations when deciding if it's right to ship your car:

Shipping Saves Miles

If you don't particularly want to add several thousand miles to the vehicle, shipping can save a whole bunch of turns on the odometer. Besides, it will save someone the necessity of driving the car that many miles to the new location.



Another consideration is the cost to ship your car. Shipping costs run between $500-1100, according to Consumer Affairs. Your $58,000 SUV is worth sending. That $1400 Buick? Not so much. In some situations, a car owner may be better off to sell the old vehicle and buy a new one after the move.


Typical delivery takes about two weeks. If you need your car before that time, you might have to drive it or have someone else drive it. In many cases, a car owner might even be better off to use public transportation, a car service, or even a short term rental while the car is in transport.

Electric car

In this age of electric cars, there are charging stations in most cities, but they aren't as plentiful as gas stations yet. So, it may not be worth it to the owner of an electric car to map out a route to his destination using the charging station map. Shipping solves the problem.


There are inherent risks to shipping. Vandalism, theft, weather, and other types of damage can occur. Research into various shipping companies is crucial before trusting them with your beloved car.

Other considerations

Size, weight, season, and special requirements will all affect the final price of shipping your car. For example, summer months are the busiest time of year for movers and shippers alike, which drives the price up and lowers the efficiency of shippers. Families with school-age children, college students, and those who live in cold climates are more likely to move in the summer. Summer is the peak time for home sales, as well. These all add up to higher shipping costs.

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