Moving Stress

As death, divorce and moving are the top three most stressful events in a person’s life, and since we aren’t in the death or divorce business, today we’re going to talk about the stress of moving and how to navigate it successfully.


We can’t make moving unstressful. But, what we can do is manage the stress, and set the framework for a highly successful move, so that there is a balance of favorable outcomes to negate some of the stress.


Planning is the singular most valuable tool you can use which will make a move go smoothly. It starts with research on your new location since the more you know about the new place, the better equipped you’ll be to slide into the new situation.

Since everyone’s needs are different, you’ll have to research and plan for the things which are essential to you. If it’s a public library, a church, a great grocery store, or a fantastic gym, find things about your new location that you can look forward to enjoying once you get there. 

Also, getting a tight grip on things like the financial aspects and paperwork will go a long way toward keeping stress down to a dull roar.

Packing and moving

Packing is a bit tricky because this is the part where you start deciding what to keep, what will fit, etc.  Packing is also the part where you may need to lean on friends for help, or even hire pros.
You can also hire pros to help you move, which can go a long way toward making your move as efficient as possible.

The mean girls

Everyone has doubts and fears when in a new situation. Sometimes, thoughts about how poorly things might go will cloud our minds. Even when we don’t know what is going to happen, sometimes we take the worst possible outlook. But, that isn’t reality. We call those negative thoughts ‘mean girls’. You don’t have to listen to ‘mean girl’ thoughts, and, can wait and see what is going to happen. Unless you’re a terrific psychic, you don’t know and nor do those pesky negative thoughts. Let them go.

New connections

Once you get into your new digs, it’s time to start enjoying the unique local flavor. Start your adventure! Meet the neighbors, go check out the new gym or school, and find a new groove. It won’t be your old groove, but people often find new things to enjoy once they’re settled into their new home. 

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