Piano Moving: It's not Just the Weight


When confronted with a move that involves a piano, a homeowner might not consider all of what goes into moving that big hunk of furniture that makes sounds. It might seem like a cheaper and more cost-effective choice to use regular movers; however, there are many important parts to a piano that can be easily be damaged in the move, resulting in an out of tune or even broken piano.


The sheer weight and size of a piano is the first thing to consider when making a move. It could be left up to friends or even a regular moving company, but there’s no guarantee they will think of everything that goes into moving such a delicate instrument. The very smallest of pianos can weigh in at 300 to 400 pounds, and a larger one at the bare minimum is around 500 pounds on up. That's a lot of weight, and no one wants their friends to get a back injury trying to help. The awkwardness of moving a piano is also greatly enhanced by its shape and size. If it were only the weight, nearly any moving company with enough muscle mass could move a piano without a worry. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Careful handling

The number one reason to get a specialized mover is the potential loss of value that a piano might incur if damaged in the move. While it may not seem like it, a large part of the piano's worth is in its delicate tuning and how pristine its condition. The considerable number of finely crafted parts inside a piano all lend to its value, which decreases tremendously if some of them were to break or fall too badly out of tune due to an ill-informed mover.

In addition, pianos are elegantly crafted pieces of wood furniture which can be scratched, cracked, dented, and worse. They need to be carefully packed for the move and delicately placed in their new surroundings.


When you hire a piano mover, they have professionals specifically trained to move a piano without damaging any of the strings or delicate parts on the inside of the instrument. When they move the piano, they not only pack it protectively, but they provide expert loading and unloading. This additionally includes the proper way to drive the truck so the piano stays safe en route.

Many pianos are also antiques.

Many pianos are also antiques.

If for any reason, something goes wrong, piano movers provide insurance to cover damages. But this is almost never necessary, as dedicated piano movers know what they’re doing, and have the equipment and the experience to minimize the dangers of moving such an elegant and uniquely-shaped piece of furniture.

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