To Store or Not to Store?

There are generally two camps of people: the first are those who believe that storage is essential and have had a storage unit in a continuous rental since the eighties. The second are those who think that storage is a heinous waste of money and that, once a person rents storage, they’ll be paying for it without thinking about the contents for the next few decades.

But, as always, reality falls somewhere in between. There are instances when storage is a reasonable, viable option. It can offer a temporary residence for possessions which must be kept, for whatever reason. 

Here are some examples of when storage is a perfect opportunity instead of a burden:

When you’re moving out of your old residence, but the new home isn’t yet available.

Sometimes, a family will sell their house before the new one becomes available, for example. In a situation like that, storage makes sense.


When you’re going to be away long enough not to want to pay for a whole residence, but not so long that it’s worth having to get rid of and restore your household. 

If you’re planning an extended vacation or travel, or have a temporary job which keeps you moving, you may not want to pay for an entire residence. In a situation where you don’t own a home, renting a house, you don’t need just to store your possessions doesn’t make sense.

When you’re having someone stay with you temporarily, and need to keep your possessions safe or out of the way.  

We know a woman who was having her grandchildren visit for the summer. Rather than trying to teach them to use coasters and not use her antique piano as a drum, she moved all of her antique furniture into storage for two months. She had a fabulous time with the children, and none of her precious antiques were damaged.

When you have to vacate a residence without warning. 

Divorce, the death of a loved one, and natural disasters can make the need to move possessions in a hurry a possibility. When a person or family is in transition, the easiest way to deal with it is to move the stuff out and deal with it later. 

When you need tools or other items which won’t fit in your current location

Examples are things like a commercial landscape trailer which can be an eyesore or cause complaints by the neighbors in their current location, but provides a livelihood for the owner.

Remember: never store anything which could cause a fire.

Remember: never store anything which could cause a fire.

When the option of having storage comes up, if you have reservations about the ‘forever’ aspect of it, a way to prevent the storage from being a neverending prospect is to treat it like it’s a lease instead of a month-to-month option. So, for example, if you have a family member visiting for the summer, you set a deadline for bringing your possessions home, say, Labor Day or Halloween. That way, you have a date which is concurrent with an anticipated event, which reminds you that the storage needs to be closed down at that time.

If the storage is an ongoing necessity, watch for openings in which you can utilize another option. 

Some people love having the freedom a storage unit offers, so storage is not necessarily evil, but, it needs to be utilized wisely, and the items moved carefully because if they’re worth keeping, they’re worth the expertise and loving care of a professional mover.

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