College Student Moving Needs

As the semester rolls to a close, college students everywhere are packing up the contents of their dorm rooms to move home. While some are local kids who live in the dorm to attend classes, others are from out of state. Regardless of where they’re from, they’re required to move out of the dorm every summer so the college can clean and maintain the housing units.

After a year of meeting their cooking, cleaning, and other needs, it can be startling for a student to realize just how much stuff they have accumulated in a short amount of time. The student can be quite startled to realize that a whole school year’s worth of purchases is not going to fit in their parent’s Honda Civic.


Fortunately, several solutions to the accumulation are available short of throwing everything away. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways a college student can manage their possessions, vacate their dorm room, and move back home.


Some things which remain in pretty good shape but are no longer needed can be donated to charities, thrift shops and other places which take gently used items. White Dove thrift is dedicated to serving the Hospice of the Valley. They have locations in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, and Scottsdale.

St. Vincent De Paul is another worthy charity which helps many people, including the homeless and families who are struggling.

There is no lack of worthy charities which accept donations!



Storage is another option which many students take advantage of since they’re going to need their dorm contents in the fall. CubeSmart, U-Haul, and Public offer storage plans for college students. A student may need movers to help pack or relocate those items to the storage facility, but it’s often worthwhile if time is short, such as when a student has a summer abroad.

The following semester, moving back into the dorm will be easier if the student has a checklist of boxes and their contents. Everything should be clean and well-packed. Banker boxes, while they cost a little money, stack well and can be clearly labeled. They fold flat when not in use, which is an essential component if the student plans on keeping them for future summers.


After graduation, a student may no longer need the items which were crucial to success in college. The graduate may move home or have another plan and need the contents of the dorm room packed and moved permanently. If so, we can help with that, as well.

Regardless of what our students have planned over the summer, we hope they enjoy it and have continuing success after college or come back in the fall refreshed and ready for another year of school.

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