Steps to a Successful Business Move

Whether your business is growing or your premises needs have evolved, sometimes a company needs to relocate. Unfortunately, every moment the business spends on the moving process is time they can’t be open for business to serve their customers, which costs them money.

By hiring an experienced, professional moving company, a business can focus more on their profession and less on the stress and frustration of moving. Here are some of the steps which can be a part of a commercial move.


Initial planning and timeline

During the preliminary phase, we assess to determine what your needs are and create an action plan. We also address your concerns, allow you to decide the timing of your move and make the preparations so that your business will suffer as little disruption as possible. This is where the experience of professionals can pave the way to a more comfortable, smoother experience.

Packing materials and workforce

Provisions for making sure your business has the packing materials, equipment and tools needed is the next step in the moving process. You may already have some or all of these, or we can provide them. We can also provide packing helpers who have the experience to treat and pack things with care.

Moving and delivery

The same exemplary treatment offered during packing is also on display during the loading and moving of your business. After thousands of moves, we know that safely transporting and on-time delivery keeps the customer’s stress down.

Unloading and set up

Unloading and setting up the furniture and equipment will lay the bones of the new premises, and your business will begin to retake shape. Setting back up is another crucial part of the process where solid planning ahead of time will bear fruit and make the experience much more positive.


Kind care during the unpacking process and reinstalling items to their previous state of operation is the final phase of the moving project. Nothing should be damaged or broken or not work right. We understand that sometimes during the process something which is old and worn out might be risky and not survive the move. But, that should be the rare exception and not the norm.

Material removal

Unwanted packing boxes and used material should be removed from the new facility so the business will be customer ready upon our departure. Whether you’ve moved across the street or across town, the less pain and stress a move causes, the better your new start will be. And isn’t that the whole point of hiring a moving company?

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