Moving to Get a Fresh Start

One of the single biggest things a person can do to change their life is to move. For many people, moving is a dreaded chore, a necessary evil, a downsizing, or even an upgrade. But, a unique kind of mover is one who is moving to get a fresh start.

“I didn’t even know how much soap to put in the laundry,” one college student said. after moving away from home to go to school.

“I didn’t even know how much soap to put in the laundry,” one college student said. after moving away from home to go to school.

Getting away--the first time

The first move an adult makes is often to college. Students think they’ll be out ‘in the real world,” away from their well-intentioned parents. New things happen. “It was awful,” said one. “I didn’t know how to do my own laundry. I didn’t know how to check the oil in my car. I even had to keep asking my mom for my PINs.” That adulting stuff turns out to be kind of a drag.

Letting go

Sometimes, people move to get away from someone. It might be an ex, a crazy roommate, or a kid who wants to live in your basement until he’s thirty. But, regardless of who or why the relief when the person gets away from the toxicity is as strange as it is wonderful. “I texted back and forth with my ex regularly for the first two years after I moved,” one embarrassed woman told us. “I took all my furniture but couldn’t take my opinion along with me. I had to keep telling him how I felt about everything he did.” It took time--and therapy--before she was able to let go, but she finally did and is much happier. You don’t have to get along with everyone, and you don’t have to hang on, either.

Going to something better

It might be better weather, or grandkids, or, in the case of one lady, the desire to live out of the city. “For years, we lived in Phoenix because my husband liked it. When he passed, the first thing I did was put the house on the market so I could move out to the country.”

What to take?

Yes, we CAN move the stuff you really love!

Yes, we CAN move the stuff you really love!

When moving for a fresh start, it’s okay if you don’t want to take the sofa with the weird lump in it and clothes you haven’t worn since college. One of the beautiful things about a fresh start is that it’s good with the stuff you want, and the ones you don’t can be replaced once you reach your destination.

Feelings are ok

It’s common for people to feel sadness (or terror!) about things they left for a while, even if they’re moving for a fresh start. When opportunities are presented, it isn’t always without a cost, but there are good things, too.

You might be lonely, but you will make friends, and that’s part of a fresh start, as well. Find things you enjoy doing, and you will meet people who share your interests. You are going to make mistakes and have problems, but that’s part of the deal, and you’ll pull through. You’ve given yourself an astonishing second chance, and give yourself some time to settle in.

If you need help packing or moving when you decide you need a fresh start, a professional moving company can be a helpful source of human resources to get your better life on the road.

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