Seasonal Moving

Moving is tough for anyone, but imagine if you had to move twice a year! Would you get good at it, or would it be a struggle every time?

Snowbirds, or, called by their proper name, winter visitors, do precisely that. From April to October, they live in their home up north, back east, or even Canada, and during the winter, they seek milder weather, meaning, in this case, the Valley of the Sun.

Moving back and forth

While some of them hire a packing and moving company and make a point of moving the things that make a home feel like their home, still others hop in the RV and head for warm weather.

Is moving twice a year to chase better weather worth it? Absolutely, they say. Not only do these often-retired-people avoid unpleasant weather, but they also believe their health is better, and are less likely to fall on ice or suffer from other nasty effects of being shut-in for the winter.

In addition to Arizona, other favorite states for winter visitors to move are Nevada, Texas, and California.

As a result, when they move between homes, the old home isn’t left behind forever. Since they’re moving back in a few months, the house needs to be habitable after a few months’ vacancy.

Moving away chores

For the uninitiated, seasonal moving requires a lot more planning than one would imagine. First, the old home has to be secured and sealed up without allowing it to look like no one is living there. That means regular landscaping or snow plowing, and having a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member has to keep appearances up. Pizza flyers, a fallen tree branch, or even trash blown in by the wind can make a home look deserted.



Besides shutting off the water and the fireplace flue, everything has to be meticulously clean to avoid attracting vermin. The newly empty refrigerator awaits the decision: should we leave it on or shut it off. Appliances have to be unplugged, and the ones that use water have to have their doors left open so they won’t mold.

Notifications and paperwork

Banks, the phone/internet company, post office, insurance companies, the police, and neighborhood watch have to be notified, but not social media, because that can attract thieves. All of their medications and health paperwork, ID’s, tax, and banking information have to be filed or brought along. (Crazy, right?)



Hopefully, the home is equipped with a security system that has Smart features, or an alarm which is audible to someone in the area who is aware the family is away. Regardless, nothing of value should be left out for thieves.

Arrival chores

One the family arrives at their winter destination, they have to have everything turned on. If they had things in storage or brought by a moving company, they have to unpack. The arrival is the easy part, and for those who arrive in an RV, it’s often no more than a hookup.

Regardless of whether they park or rent, it is no easy thing to move seasonally. But, once it becomes a routine, each subsequent move becomes more natural.

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