The Day One Box

While moving can be a hassle, there are a few tricks which make it a little bit easier on everyone. One of these is to plan for the move carefully. Another is to get help from a professional moving company. A third is to have a Day One Box.


What is a Day One Box?

A Day One Box is a box which is designated as the box you HAVE to open if you can only open one box. It contains the items which are essential to a smooth transition to your new home. A few things, such as toilet paper, scissors, garbage bags, and the like are universal to everyone. But, some things are individual.

What goes into a Day One Box?

Other than the items we mentioned, each family will have to determine what goes in their Day One Box. It might be medications, or diapers and wipes. A toddler’s favorite cuddle toy is often in their Day One Box. Once the day is over, you might want a cup of tea or glass of wine. (Don’t forget the corkscrew!) School admission papers and lunch money for the kids might be in the box. Whatever is essential and can’t be buried in a box avalanche, lost, or misplaced for a few days.

Mark it well

One of the essential things about the box is that it’s easy to see in a box mountain. Even though you can put one person in charge of keeping track of it, a box can be easy to lose in a move. So, we recommend marking it in such a way that it can be distinguishable from all the other boxes and every side of it.

In some cases, the ‘box’ or part of the box might have to be cooled, as in the case where temperature-sensitive medications are being transported. Cold-sensitive item transport of the Day One box is perfectly acceptable, especially if the move is scheduled for warm weather.

“I think we can all agree what is the most important from Day One for our new house. Me, the cat. I’ll pack myself for you.”

“I think we can all agree what is the most important from Day One for our new house. Me, the cat. I’ll pack myself for you.”

To each their own

Everyone has certain standards of comfort, their idiosyncrasies that drive their comfort. For some, it’s clean clothes every day. For others, it’s a working television. So, in the spirit of ‘Day One’ comfort, it’s reasonable to have your own needs met, even if they don’t seem like they would or should be important. When you get to your new home, it’s essential to settle in and feel at ease as soon as possible so that the transition will be a smooth one. For some people, this includes enlisting the aid of a professional moving company to ease the burden of moving. If this is the case, we can help.

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