What Advice Would You Give People Moving to Phoenix?

People move to the Phoenix area for a variety of reasons. They have family here, or a job or they get tired of the cold Wisconsin winters. But, for whatever reason, when they’re planning a move to Phoenix sight unseen (or maybe very little), some advice is always welcome.


We asked some Phoenix natives to give us their best advice on relocating to the Phoenix area. Here were their answers.

Rent for a year

While it may seem bizarre for a real estate agent to offer advice not to buy, James Red of the Lund group says that people will be happier if they know the town before they purchase something permanent. It will give them a chance to get to know the area and what they love about it before they move into a permanent home.

If you want, you can put some of your stuff in storage and just rent something small. After you choose a permanent location, your Phoenix movers can move it from storage to your permanent home.

Get to Know the Weather

Waiting to buy will also give newcomers a chance to live through one of our brutal summers. We have over 30 days a year over 110 degrees and many days which hover around 108-109 degrees. Wear sunscreen! Oh, and monsoons can be an exciting experience because it blows like crazy. And it’s dirt, not just wind and shingles.

Move close to work

We have said before that it’s better to move close to where you work because the traffic is hard on a person. A second option is to be able to take some form of public transportation, but there aren’t a lot of options besides the train and the bus, both of which should be sampled before committing.

Move to a location east of your job

The sun rises in the east, so if you’re driving east in the morning, you’ll get it full in the face. Same thing if you’re driving west in the morning. The sun is much lower in the wintertime, as well, meaning there are times of the year when it is worse than others.

Watch out for event days

Some areas are at the mercy of events. If you move near an area near a football or baseball stadium, be prepared for traffic. Schools and hospitals can also be sources of congestion. Just be aware that you might get caught up in heavy traffic during those times.

No daylight savings time

We have enough sun here in the Valley, so we don’t need to save any daylight. We opted out fifty years ago, and so far it’s worked perfectly. Everyone always knows what time it is, and it isn’t still light outside when we go to bed.

Regardless of where you move in the Valley, even if you have to move several times, we will be available to help with packing, loading, and moving. From our family to yours: welcome to the Valley! We hope that you’ll love it here as much as we do, and will embrace the southwestern lifestyle.

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