Timing a Move

When you’re planning a move, there is sometimes a window of opportunity for moving which can allow for a move without being stuck moving during a particular season. Today we’re going to talk about some considerations to help a family choose the best time to move.



Many people move during the summer when school is out. For children, moving during the middle of the school year can be a challenge as school curriculums differ and children are tested to advance.

If you’re a college student, you don’t have much choice about when to move, but good going on furthering your education!

Weather conditions

If you’re moving to a location where there is often snow on the ground, or where they have a rainy season, you may choose to plan a move which will avoid these conditions if possible. People who are moving north of Phoenix may find the traffic on certain holiday weekends can bottleneck the I-17 freeway for hours. It’s best to avoid those times.

Price spikes

During the summer, demand is higher, and prices are higher than in winter. The same is true for weekends. Since moving is hot, dirty work, moving in the middle of summer can raise the electrical costs due to having the doors open to move household items out of the old home and into the new.


Holidays are problematic, both from the perspective of heavy travel and the emotional toll of being in a new place during the holidays. We already mentioned the traffic on the I-17 during the holidays, but the number of people on the roads during the Christmas holidays can be problematic, and, for those with pets, moving during a holiday such as the fourth of July when neighbors may be lighting fireworks can make moving more traumatic for the pet.

Work commitments

Some people have seasonal peaks in their employment demands, such as retail jobs during the Christmas holidays. Take seasonal work peaks into consideration before planning a move, as having too many things going on at once can be inconvenient and stressful.


If you have many items which will require special handling due to the extreme heat of our summers, waiting for a cooler time will probably make a difference in the successful move of these items.

You may want to wait until you’ve had time to have a few yard sales to eliminate unwanted items, as well, but won't have as many shoppers in the Valley during the summer. Peak seasons are fall, winter, and early spring.

Right after bulk pickup is also a great time to move as it offers a chance to get rid of those big things which didn’t sell during the yard sale.

Each family has to decide the ideal time to move if they have the choice. We hope these considerations prove useful in helping you determine the perfect timing for your family.

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